Employers and employees face a disjointed and confusing healthcare environment today. Using a combination of trained healthcare navigators and technology, Insite Onsite provides the coordination and resources to create happier, healthier employees.


6/10 Americans have at least one chronic disease.

4 in 10 have two or more.

Source: Longtermcare.gov, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 2019.


People want help navigating health care.


of respondents say they need more help understanding and navigating health care options.


We get results.

This is where we combine Technology, Clinical and Administrative Expertise, and Live Navigation Support.

What is Insite Onsite?

INSITE ONSITE helps to meet you and your employee where you are to help take you where you want to go. We use the data of your people with the expert skills of our healthcare team to customize and direct solutions that will create healthier workers, a healthier workspace, and ultimately a more sustainable enterprise for all concerned.

Who are We?

INSITE ONSITE is a passionate group of healthcare executives composed of Medical Doctors, Wellness Experts, Substance Use/Behavioral Health Experts, AI Technologists with a unique knowledge of what actually works in the healthcare purchase and delivery process. Our team, with 120+ combined years of experience coalesced because ‘business as usual healthcare’ does not promote health nor achieve the best outcomes. Excellence, innovation, and better results are what drives our team forward and we believe your team will be well served through our efforts.

About Insite Onsite

Healthcare, as we know it today, is only two dimensional. Many call it a disease management system as it is well equipped for people who are sick and not well equipped for people who are pre-sick. Our process goes beyond the initial assessment date to create a three-dimensional view of issues affecting care that is needed for the individual and the company. Wellness data is vital and helps to provide a snapshot into where people are; however, just like an individual’s credit report, circumstances change.

When our lives change, health often is affected in an equivalent fashion or in other words, problems in life often lead to problems with health. Without proper guidance and intervention, these health problems can stay with us even after the adversity of life improves. As a business, you would not let your equipment continue working without proper maintenance, so why would you let your most precious resource, your people work without the insight for the best health possible. Healthcare is complicated and we are here to help.

Better Healthcare Management is Just a Click Away.